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I work in the pharmaceutical industry, among a number of incredibly intelligent people that, like me, do the job because it helps our fellow man.  I also work among a number of less-than-intelligent people that also do the job of helping their fellow man because of the wages involved.  And, really, the fact that they are helping (regardless of motivations) is good enough for me.

However, after years of defending my industry in dinner conversations, at parties, in online chat sessions, etc., I get extremely pissed off when the industry makes it impossible for me to continue doing so.

In this case, I’m pointing at YOU BMS/Otsuka!  You and your fucking Abilify commercials with the robes of depression, or the ball & chain of depression, or the stupid motherfucking UMBRELLA of “Depression hanging over my head”.  Honestly, people!  I’m in the industry, and these commercials make me believe (for a moment) that the fact that I can still feel depressed, or have a depressive episode despite being on an anti-depressant is not normal.  And, that’s the issue, really.

No one should be medicated to the point that they cannot feel anything.  Part of having depression and knowing your treatment is working involves still being able to feel normal fluctuations of emotion.  I’m on 20mg Paxil/day and, except for occasional bad days, it works for me.  But then again, I don’t subscribe to the “everyone should be happy all the time” bullshit message.  People that are happy all the time, or pretend to be happy all the time, or expect others to be happy all the time are the ones out of touch with reality.

The other thing that bothers me is that even though Major Depressive Disorder (which I have) is categorized as a psychosis, I really don’t think anti-psychotics should be prescribed for it as a matter of course AND I certainly don’t think they should be advertised.  Hell, doctors are going to have people asking for this fucking med when all they may need is to titrate their SSRI/SNRI dose, or add therapy to their regimen.  Abilify  is an atypical anti-fucking-PSYCHOTIC medication.  They use it primarily in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Okay, rant over.  The only thing I have to add to this mess is a request to please please PLEASE check the Package Insert for Abilify before taking it, regardless of the reason.  If more people read package inserts, more people would actually know what they are taking and WHY.


Posted March 30, 2012 by veggiewolf in Depression

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