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Click.  Flash.

Click.  Flash.

Images flash by on the inside of my skull; a moment of white brightness, then darkness before the next one slides into place.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s a gravel driveway that leads between hydrangeas to the back of the house.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s the slamming of a car door and the glint of sun off a newly painted porch rail.

It reminds me of the Kodak Carousel my grandfather had.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s a smile and a wave.  Here are some innocent words.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s a nylon backpack laid carefully on the porch stairs.  Here’s a symmetrical pile of patio stones.

Performance art for one.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s a hand clasping around a wrist.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s resistance.  Here’s overpowering strength.

It feels like it shouldn’t be.

Click.  Flash.  Here are wooden stairs that creak in sympathy.

Click.  Flash.  Here is a barked shin that bleeds.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s the wind being knocked out.

Click.  Flash.  Here’s the smell of dust and metal.

The carousel speed is adjusted.

Click.  Flash.  Here are tears and whispers.

Click.  Flash.  Here are growling threats and broken promises.

Click.  Flash.  Here is tearing.  Here is ripping.

Click.  Flash.  Here is salt and copper.  Here is shrieking silence.

I’m not ready for this sort of thing.

Click.  Flash.  Here are beams hung with cobwebs.

Click.  Flash.  Here are splinters piercing flesh.

Click.  Flash.  Here is improbably full.

Click.  Flash.  Here is impossibly empty.

I cannot hear for breathing; I cannot breathe for listening.

Click.  Flash.

Click.  Flash.

Whir.  Repeat.


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I’m linking you to this blog post because I fucking love love LOVE this movie!

Prometheus in Fifteen minutes


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