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Definition of Polyamory   15 comments

I hate it when my brain gets stuck on a topic.   I have a number of things about which I want to write, but apparently this post needs to be written, so here goes:

Everybody does polyamory differently.  Even the people who appear to be practicing it in the same fashion have some differences…and how wonderful is that???  Imagine Stepford Poly – everyone doing the same thing in the same way for the same mindless nonsensical reasons.

I don’t purport to have enough readers to get a major discussion going here, BUT I think one needs to be opened so the different polys can be examined and, ultimately, accepted as in “Your poly is not my poly…and THAT’S OKAY!”

So, here’s how polyamory works for me:

I have a husband, with whom I live.  We love each other and are intimate emotionally and physically.  We’ve raised a child together.  We’re both polyamorous – we shared a girlfriend at one time with whom he is still involved as lovers.  She and I are friends.  We don’t have rules about our conduct, other than being courteous, using common sense, and being honest with each other.

I have a good male friend, whom I see anywhere between one and three times a month.  We are intimate physically, but there’s an emotional component as well.  It’s not the same as the one I have with my husband, but it works.  As he said to me once, “We care about each other and would drop things to help out if needed…and that doesn’t change, even if we don’t speak for years.”

I’m open for dating, although I’ve not seen anyone new since having dinner with someone back in the beginning of August.  New relationships, if they form, will rise to the level they reach.  No possibility is ruled out.

So, if you’re reading this, and you’re polyamorous – how does it work for you?

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She’s not a sidekick, arm candy, or a damsel to be rescued.

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