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TED talk – The birds and the bees are just the beginning   Leave a comment

I found this TED talk so interesting that I wanted to share it:

I love it, in that “let’s talk about sex!” way.  Enjoy!


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TCBP – Self-Love   Leave a comment

Reblogging this on Eating Monsters because it also ties in with my mental health nonsense.

Fluid Morality

Love is an infinite thing.  It cannot be used up, like a cup of sugar, and if you nourish it, it multiplies like a rabbit family.  A soft, cuddly rabbit family, with floppy ears and adorable feet…

Okay, let’s try this again without the rabbits, shall we?

When it comes to love, I find it much easier to think about in abstract than specifics.  Even though I believe it is endless and exists in myriad varieties, the truth is that I am not really with being on the receiving end of it.  I know I am loved by various people, because they tell me, and I know I love several people in different ways but, in truth, emotional entanglement is a minefield I prefer to try to avoid.  I’ve broken off relationships numerous times when my partner declared they loved me because I didn’t want that sort of emotional entanglement…

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