30 Days of Scent – Day One – At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume   2 comments

Wearing perfume is something I do each day as both a devotional act and as a way to shore myself up; if I smell like I am worthwhile, then I am worthwhile.

(It’s a trick I play on my brain, but it is worth it!)

Anyway, I’m also a bit of a perfume nerd and so I have quite a few bottles (and decants, and sample sizes, etc.) and I’ve been wondering if I have enough to wear a different scent every day for 30 days.  So, I thought I’d try it out, and post about it here.


Today is Day One, and I am wearing CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966.  I got it as a decant from The Perfumed Court.

According to Fragrantica.com, At The Beach 1966 is a marine scent, with sand, savory, aromatic, and salty accords.  The overview reads:

…The main note in this perfume is Coppertone sun lotion from 1967, blended with a new accord especially created for this perfume – North Atlantic. The base of the scent features wet sand, seashell, driftwood and just a hint of boardwalk. The effect when you wear At The Beach 1966 is as if you’ve been swimming all day in the ocean.”

On me, it is very reminiscent of sunscreen and the smell of wet hair after being in the ocean without being too briny, mixed with sunshine.

(Yes, I know – what does sunshine smell like, anyway?)

I like this scent a lot and it’s perfect for a day where I’ll be teaching swimming lessons.  Funnily enough, it doesn’t mix badly with the scent of chlorinated pool.



2 responses to “30 Days of Scent – Day One – At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume

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