30 Days of Scent – Day Three – Olène by Diptyque   Leave a comment

Today, I’m wearing Olène eau de toilette by Diptyque.  This is a scent I picked up as a decant from The Perfumed Court.

(I’d like to take two second here to recommend trying scents by decant (or by spray at the department store) before buying a full bottle.  I’ve ended up saving so much money in the long run this way.)

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords for Olène as white floral, floral, green, yellow floral, fresh, and animalic.  Their description reads:

“…Olène by Diptyque is a Floral fragrance for women. Olène was launched in 1988. The nose behind this fragrance is Serge Kalouguine. Top notes are narcissus and honeysuckle; middle notes are wisteria and jasmine; base notes are green notes and white flowers…”

In order to give as much information as possible about this scent, I’m also going to quote Diptyque’s own description:

“…Venice, with its narrow streets, palaces of a thousand splendors, fragrant hidden gardens, alfresco dining at nightfall under the shelter of a pergola. A place where time simply ceases…It is best explored on foot, on unforgettable strolls, where each step echoes an aromatic accord. Venice, a city to inhale deeply: here, a thick cluster of wisteria; there, tender honeysuckle, further on, sensual jasmine and elegant and mysterious narcissus. Olène conjures the mysterious depths of twilight dotted with the subtle, starry glow of dainty white flowers…”

Yes, the above description is flowery and, really, that’s how I would describe Olène.  It is almost hyper-floral and, on me, smells of honeysuckle and jasmine.  I don’t get the narcissus notes as much, but the base is very sensual.

Olène rocks.  Seriously.  It is heady without being too “in your face”, and conjures up memories of summer evenings with the honeysuckle in bloom mixed with the scent of the dragon pearl jasmine tea I sometimes drink.  I like it so much that I’m now considering picking up decants of other scents by Serge Kalouguine.

(By all means, let’s spend more money!!!!)

If you’ve not tried Olène before, I recommend picking up a sample (or a decant) and trying it for yourself.  There’s a reason it’s been in production since 1988.


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