30 Days of Scent – Day Five – White Camellia by St. John   Leave a comment

Today, I’m wearing White Camellia eau de parfum by St. John.  I received it as a gift from a friend of mine who is also a fragrance nerd.

(Incidentally, that friend runs the Style 704 blog.  I suggest you check it out – she’s way more knowledgeable than I am!)

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords for White Camellia as green, rose, white floral, aromatic, and floral.  The description says:

White Camellia is a feminine, fresh, floral fragrance, launched on the market in 1998. It contains notes of citrus, white flowers, wood notes and amber.  Top notes: mandarin, cassis and jasmine. Heart: green notes of leaves, Bulgarian rose, peony and geranium. Base: sandalwood, amber and musk.”

This is another scent that I really like but that, on me, doesn’t quite match the description given.  I do get green and white floral to the exclusion of everything else – even when it’s been on my skin for hours, I don’t get any of the base notes in enough quantity to tell what they are.  In addition, it reminds me a bit of Estee Lauder’s Dazzling Silver – the white florals are a near match for one another and as Dazzling Silver has been one of my favorites for over a decade…well, you get the idea.

White Camellia smells clean in a non-household cleaner way, giving me the feeling of just being out of the shower.  It’s just the right strength on me (if I remember to do no more than two squirts!) but I can see how it might be completely overwhelming on someone else, especially in close quarters.  I find myself reaching for it over and over again, even if I wouldn’t want to risk spilling it on my clothes.


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