30 Days of Scent – a diversion   Leave a comment

I’m diverting from my usual one-scent-a-day-for-thirty-days formula to mention a couple of things:

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous enabled my fragrance habit, and a package from The Perfumed Court arrived on Saturday.  Within were seven decants:

  1. Do Son – Diptyque
  2. Eau Rose – Diptyque
  3. L’Ombre dans L’Eau – Diptyque
  4. Saint-Germain – Diptyque
  5. Trente-Quatre – Diptyque
  6. Eau Lente – Diptyque
  7. Russian Caravan – CB I Hate Perfume

Each of these will be written up as part of the series, and thank you so much to the donor!

I’m happy to write about any scent, provided that I already have it, can get a sample, or someone sends it to me.  *hint hint*


Someone asked me if I plan to write about any products other than perfume.  I hadn’t thought about it, and I certainly don’t have the know-how to do so.  Then again, I don’t really have the perfume know-how either…so, if anyone has suggestions, go ahead and send them over.  Otherwise, I’ll continue as-is.


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