30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Two – Passiflora by Nest   1 comment

(I can’t believe I only have eight more days of this!)

Today, I am wearing Passiflora eau de parfum by Nest.  It’s a sample that I received after writing to Nest to request to try one (or more) of their fragrances.  They sent me five samples.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords for Passiflora as green, floral, fresh spicy, fruity, and sweet.  Their description of the fragrance says:

“…The nose behind this fragrance is Christophe Laudamiel. Top note is green notes; middle note is passion flower; base notes are hyacinth and lily-of-the-valley.”

Which…doesn’t really say much about Passiflora itself.  There is more in the description, but it’s about Nest itself.  If you go to Nest’s site, however, the description you see is this one:

“Passion Flower, Water Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley and Lush Green Accord (Traditional floral blend is enhanced by an overdose of green notes making it a very fresh modern floral —like walking through the flower market).”

This is much more accurate.  Short, but accurate.

Passiflora is like walking through a flower market – it’s flowers, flowers, flowers!  However, I’ve found that keeping it to two squirts (one on the back of the neck, one on the wrist) keeps it pleasant.  The projection on this scent is bloody amazing – I get comments and compliments every time I wear it (with just two squirts!).  The water hyacinth is really prominent, as is the greenness, but all of the florals can be identified and they blend together really well.

I don’t get anything fruity when I wear it, and there is a subtle spiciness that I actually think is related to the green notes.  On my skin, it’s all about the flowers without being overwhelming, though that could be the fact that I wear it with restraint.


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