30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Three – Modern Muse by Estée Lauder   2 comments

Today, I am wearing Modern Muse eau de parfum spray by Estée Lauder.  I was given a full-size bottle by my friend, who sent it to me as a pick-me-up while I was out of work.  I also own the body lotion, although I’m not a huge scented lotion fan (or user) – it was a Christmas gift from my parents.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords as white floral, animalic, floral, musky, and tuberose.  Their description goes a bit into Modern Muse being the first major perfume launch (2013) at Estée Lauder since Beyond Paradise (2003), and then notes:

“…Perfumer Harry Fremont tried to express the duality of the composition by creating a two accord composition of sparkling jasmine (which symbolizes femininity) and sleek woods (representing strength). The first accord, accord of jasmine, blends exotic notes of mandarin, tuberose, fresh lily, honeysuckle, dewy petals, Sambac jasmine and Chinese Sambac jasmine absolute. The sleek woods accord combines two types of patchouli, Madagascar vanilla, amber wood and soft musk…”

Harry Fremont (the nose behind Modern Muse) has done a number of other scents – several are on my “try” list, but I’ve not actually worn any of them.  I’d be interested to hear about some of his others simply because Modern Muse is, in my opinion, such a lovely blend of elements.

We’ve pretty much established over these twenty-three days that I love my white florals, and that they work really well on me.  (I’m actually amazed at how many I own.)  Modern Muse has everything I love in a white floral – jasmine, honeysuckle, and lilies – but, oddly enough, no hint of green.  The tuberose comes through nicely, as does a seductive note that I’m thinking is the combination of vanilla, amber, and musk.  I don’t usually like musky scents on my skin (although, I love them out of the bottle), but Modern Muse doesn’t overdo it – the musk enhances the white florals and takes the sharpness off them.

On me, Modern Muse is jasmine and honeysuckle with tuberose holding them together, a soft amber, and vanilla and musk.  It’s not a feral scent like Alien (which is very animalic on me), but there is a seductiveness to it.  Rather than actively stalking prey, I’m sitting under a tree waiting for it to come to me.


2 responses to “30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Three – Modern Muse by Estée Lauder

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  1. Did you see that they’re going to be releasing a flanker for Modern Muse? Supposedly it’s coming out in September, which means it’ll probably be in stores around Christmas or so. http://www.fragrantica.com/news/A-New-Muse-to-Inspire-Modern-Muse-Chic-5690.html

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