30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Six – Eau Rose by Diptyque   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I wore Eau Rose eau de toilette by Diptyque.  It was part of the package of decants sent to me by an anonymous reader.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Eau Rose as rose, fruity, fresh spicy, aromatic, woody, and citrus.  The description on Fragrantica states:

“Eau Rose by Diptyque is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Eau Rose was launched in 2012. Top notes are bergamot, black currant and litchi; middle notes are jasmine, geranium and rose; base notes are musk, virginia (sic) cedar and white honey.”

Diptyque notes that Eau Rose was “…conceived to stand out as a genuine infusion of roses. Its olfactory composition is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of the flower in its natural state, as it blossoms over time...”  This is evident as soon as the bottle is opened – the scent of fresh, blooming roses wafts out and engulfs the person holding it.  It’s the first rose scent I’ve experienced that actually smells like roses – Eau Rose is not some conceptualized vision of what a rose should smell like, but an actual successful replica.

I know there are other notes present, according to Fragrantica and to Diptyque, but I can’t smell them.  This scent is rose, rose, rose, ROSE with an affect effect of, well, rose.  The only problem I had with wearing it was how quickly it faded…not unlike the scent of cut roses in a vase.  I had to reapply twice during the day, which I almost never have to do.

I loved this scent, and I am so glad I was able to try it out.  At $98 for the 100 mL bottle of EDT, though, I really expect a longer lasting fragrance – two hours from initial dab/spritz to complete fade is a little too short for me.


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