30 Days of Scent – Day Thirty! – Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume   Leave a comment

I can’t believe we’re here already!  This month has just flown by!

Today, I am wearing Russian Caravan Tea water perfume by CB I Hate Perfume.  It’s a decant I received as a gift from one of my readers.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords as green, citrus, ozonic, woody, and fresh spicy.  Their description of Russian Caravan Tea says:

“…This is a dark and smoky fragrance of smoked black Indian tea, bergamot and the hint of shelves full of old books.  It is available as 2 and 15 ml perfume absolute and 100 ml water perfume. Russian Caravan Tea was launched in 2004. The nose behind this fragrance is Christopher Brosius.”

I happen to like the scent description of this one (not the least because it is copied over from the manufacturer’s website) because it is true.  The scent is Russian Caravan tea – smoky with just a hint of bergamot and the potential to be sweet if someone added some black cherries to it, or strawberry jam.  The water perfume is not super concentrated (I guess that’s obvious?) and the projection isn’t very strong but it feels ambient, somehow.  I also feel an empty space where leather should be.  After all, we’re talking about a room filled with old books – shouldn’t there be leather bindings, or the smell of animal glue, or something?

I’m enjoying wearing Russian Caravan Tea, and not just because I’m a tea drinker.  Have you ever walked into a really good tea shop?  The fragrance is amazing!  Russian Caravan Tea has the potential to be just as amazing.  On my skin, it is exactly like the description, and I probably could’ve drenched myself in it rather than dabbing in half a dozen places (wrists, nape of neck, behind my ears, etc.)  I’m going to pick this scent up, and I think I may even splurge for the perfume absolute.

(I wonder how it would be layered with a fruit scent?  Hmmmm…)


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