30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Three – Loveswept by Philosophy   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I wore Loveswept eau de toilette by Philosophy.  It, too, was part of a perfume sampler pack I bought from Sephora.

(That pack had quite a number of scents in it, by the way!)

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Loveswept as citrus, fresh, white floral, tropical, fruity, and amber.  Their description of the scent says:

“…In top notes of the composition Philosophy Loveswept the perfumer plays with luminosity of bergamot and citruses that with glittering drops light upon floral notes of pink jasmine and lotus in the heart, sweetened with pink passion fruit. The base is cuddled with sensual musk and warm amber…

I’m not sure how I feel about Loveswept, to be honest.  I don’t think it’s anything special, but it also doesn’t feel like Philosophy is trying to call it the be-all-end-all of fragrances.  On their site, it is described as a “lively, romantic fragrance”, and then they call it a “soft floral”.  The first bit is a little beyond what Loveswept does, in my opinion, but the second isn’t inaccurate.  Soft is actually the word that comes to mind for me…and I’m not getting any of the cheap plastic, Barbie hair, or chemical tang that others have described.  It’s just…soft.  Soft, and inoffensive which, to me, means BORING.

There’s no citrus to be found in this scent on my skin – it has a fruity quality to it (maybe this is the pink passionfruit?), and a floral that is almost completely unlike any white floral I’ve ever smelt.  Even as it dried-down, I got no musk and no amber…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since musk tends to go INSANE on me.  But sensual?  Yeah, no.  It’s too much a muddle of a bunch of things that aren’t listed in the description.

While I wouldn’t mind Loveswept as a bubble bath, I can’t see wearing it as a fragrance again.  Sorry, Philosophy.  I think this sample is going down the sink.

Loveswept by Philosophy


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