30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Five – White Woods by Clean   3 comments

I find it interesting, in light of a comment I made over at Style 704, that today I chose to wear a fragrance by Clean.  Specifically, I am wearing White Woods eau de parfum.  It was part of a three piece sampler from Clean.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of this scent as woody, sweet, musky, citrus, and floral.  Their description of White Woods says:

“…Designed to capture the calm, peaceful feeling of encountering a wooded clearing, the fragrance weaves a cozy blanket of citrus, sweetness, woody notes and a dash of pepper…The top notes of White Woods are bergamot, mandarin orange and black pepper; middle notes are magnolia, lily and vanilla orchid; base notes are sandalwood, praline, musk, amber and woody notes…”

White Woods is the first woody musk in the Clean fragrance line, and it was designed by nose Harry Fremont who also did CK One and Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse.  In fact, I like Modern Muse so much that I hinted I wanted to try some of the other fragrances designed by Fremont, and this wasn’t actually one of the ones that caught my eye…mostly because it is by Clean, and I tend to categorize them as the leading company making sure that people smell like laundry detergent.

(Could someone please explain the fascination companies seem to have with making people smell “fresh” by dousing them in green or blue liquid?  What’s wrong with taking a shower?)

On my skin, White Woods is sandalwood and pepper with something else under it – mahogany, maybe?  Walnut?  It’s definitely a wood of some sort – it reminds me of opening the drawers of an antique dresser and smelling along the dovetails.  As a plus, it doesn’t clash with chlorine scent, and that’s especially important for me, given how often I swim.  Today, I think I put too much on – it’s strong, and right up in my nasal passages, but usually one or two swipes with the rollerball does it just fine.

White Woods is not what I expected from Clean.  To start, it isn’t blue or green.  And yes, that’s an oversimplification of Clean’s fragrance line, but those who have spent any time with it will understand where I’m going – White Woods is less of a person freshener and more of an actual fragrance than some of the other scents in the same line.  The description of it, though…I don’t know how anyone came up with what they did, other than “woody” and possibly “pepper”.  It’s billed as a unisex scent, and I can see that – there are things about it that will appeal to a variety of people.  But please, readers – try before you buy.  If you don’t like White Woods, you really won’t like White Woods.  There’s nothing shrinking, or violet, about this scent.

(Although – could we please lose the word “unisex”?  It has connotations.)


3 responses to “30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Five – White Woods by Clean

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  1. I think we could lose the gendered marketing of fragrance altogether! Several of my favorites are marketed for men.

  2. Also, if you liked CK One, Alberto Morillas worked on it with Fremont, so he’s one to check out, too.

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