30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Six – Première by Gucci   4 comments

Yesterday, I wore Première eau de parfum by Gucci.  It was part of a perfume sampler pack I bought from Sephora. Fragrantica.com lists the main accords as white floral, citrus, woody, musky, and fresh spicy.  Their description of Première is a little over the top, so I’ll quote the one from Gucci’s site:

Inspired by timeless Hollywood glamour, our Gucci Première fragrance is the perfect blend of power and sensuality.
  • a sophisticated woody musky fragrance
  • top notes of bergamot and blackberry
  • heart notes of orange blossom and musk
  • base notes of patchouli and sandalwood…”

A little too-much “This is the SCENT for YOU”, but like I said, Fragrantica’s was way worse.”

A brief aside, here: I have no idea who comes up with descriptions of fragrances, but I’ve found them to be inaccurate for me 60-70% of the time.  Obviously, the noses of various companies are noting things I can’t, but skin chemistry means that how a scent works is extremely personal; yet another reason to remind people to try before they buy.  Seriously, people – get a sampler, or a decant, or have someone in the store spray you from the tester, but don’t buy something based on how it smells on someone else.  And never ever buy fragrance as a gift for someone unless they’ve told you specifically what they want.  That’s what wishlists are for, right?
Anyway.  I’m not sure what Gucci means by “timeless Hollywood glamour”, or “power and sensuality”, but it is the perfect blend for me, and so I don’t really care too much what they claim inspired it.  However, Première does not appear to be a powerhouse – maybe it was just the cold, but it was delicate and clung to the skin rather than projecting itself outward.  I wasn’t actually expecting delicacy from a Gucci scent, so it was surprising.
On my skin, Première was a balance of white floral and citrus with maybe a little sandalwood.  I didn’t get any patchouli, which makes me happy, and no musk.  I know I’m going to have to try it again during one of our dog-day summers to see if heat and humidity make a difference but, right now, I am thinking this is a scent I’d like to own in a full-sized bottle.

Première by Gucci


4 responses to “30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Six – Première by Gucci

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  1. I’m absolutely obsessed with this scent. I couldn’t ever see myself loving a gucci perfume so much, but this one is perfect! 🙂

  2. It was too much citrus on me, but I wish I’d known you’d want to try it–I’d have saved you my mini instead of swapping it.

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