30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Eight – Joyful by Escada   3 comments

Today, I am wearing Joyful eau de parfum by Escada.  It’s the final scent from the perfume sampler pack I purchased from Sephora.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Joyful as floral, ozonic, aquatic, fruity, and fresh.  Their description of this fragrance says:

“…Escada Joyful is a bright floral scent, created with the aim to enhance your mood. The top notes are fruity aromas of black currant, melon and mandarin. The heart is floral and includes accords of peony, and magnolia, as well as nectarine and violet leaf. The base is made from honey and sandalwood…”

The sample I have is an 1mL vial with dabber, which means I got to dab this scent in lots of different places rather than spraying it on.  It’s delicate – six hours after putting it on, I have to actively sniff for it – and I’m wondering how many sprays from a full-sized bottle I will need to make it last all day?  Oh, did I mention that I really really want a full-sized bottle?  Well, I do because I am loving this fragrance.

On my skin, Joyful is mostly peony with some melon and nectarine undertones, and a honey finish.  I get no citrus at all from it, and no sandalwood, but it doesn’t really matter – Joyful is working well with my skin chemistry, and it doesn’t have to be anything other than what it already is.

I wish I could find information on the nose who designed Joyful (and I probably could if I had more than a few minutes to search), because I now really want to try some of their other scents.  The Escada site was not helpful in this regard – they noted a team of “master perfumers”, but the only name I could find was that of the model used in the campaign.  If anyone knows (I’m looking at you, Style 704!), I’d love the information so I can go a’hunting.

At $25 for the rollerball on Sephora, I might just pick this up myself rather than adding it to my wishlist and hoping someone gifts it to me.

Escada’s Joyful eau de parfum


3 responses to “30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Eight – Joyful by Escada

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  1. My daughter wears perfume according to her mood. She and I both have bipolar. I think every little thing helps. http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

  2. Most Escada scents these days are formulated in-house, so it’s not unusual not to see a perfumer’s name put to it. It’s like a newspaper article where it was typed up by a staff writer rather than giving someone a byline.

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