30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Fourteen – La Nuit de Bohème by Anna Sui   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing La Nuit de Bohème eau de toilette by Anna Sui.  It is from a sample I received when I made purchases at Sephora.com.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of La Nuit de Bohème as oud, amber, rose, woody, patchouli, and citrus.  Their description of this scent says:

“…The new version starts with sparkling citruses and thick blackberry zest, announcing the floral union in the heart of the composition created of lotus and gentle, feminine petals of rose with an oriental twist to woody notes of warm and opulent oud. In comparison to the previous edition, the base provides deeper and warmer notes created by mixing cedar, Haitian vanilla-orchid, Indonesian patchouli and golden amber resin…”

(By new version and previous edition, they mean to compare La Nuit de Bohème to La Vie de Bohème which came out in 2012.  La Nuit de Bohème debuted in 2014.)

I didn’t really know what to expect from this fragrance.  I’ve mentioned before that patchouli and I do not make a good pair, but it is fairly far down the chain of accords and I was hoping the oud would make up for it.  I really like woody scents, provided that whoever designs them doesn’t go overboard, and the nose who created La Nuit de Bohème knew what they were doing.  I am enjoying this scent, although so far I’ve only worn it on days when I’m staying close to home simply because I don’t have a good idea of how the projection works and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone outside my own space.

On my skin, La Nuit de Bohème is oud with rose and a slight citrus tinge.  I also get the cedar in the base, but no patchouli (thank gods!)  I’m thinking it isn’t as overwhelming as it could be because of the weather – it is cold and snowing today – and I probably will not wear it during our dog days of summer.  If you’re into complex fragrances and prefer to wear woody scents rather than florals, give La Nuit de Bohème a try.

La Nuit de Bohème by Anna Sui


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