30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Fifteen – Joy by Jean Patou   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Joy eau de parfum by Jean Patou.  It is from a decant I purchased from The Perfumed Court.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Joy as white floral, animalic, musky, rose, powdery, and floral.  Their description of this classic scent says:

“…Intense and luscious with alluring floral composition, JOY was created by Henri Alméras, who made its top notes irresistibly delightful. The composition starts with fragrant jilt tuberose, luscious rose, ylang-ylang blossom, aldehydes, sweet and mouthwatering pear, and green notes. The heart beats passionately in pure and sweetly fresh jasmine notes, seductive and balmy spicy and darkened iris root. The base whiffs with sensual musk, warm and milky-powdery sandalwood, with mild musky civet tones…”

Joy is a classic; released in 1930, it was touted as the costliest perfume in the world, claiming each ounce required 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses to make.  It is the second-best selling perfume in recorded history; number one goes to Chanel N°5.  Scores of people wear this scent today, and I’d be willing to bet that people who have never heard of Patou have either heard of, or smelt, Joy.

As many of the classics do, Joy has a powdery quality to it that comes out as time passes; I put it on at 6:15 this morning and the powder is very evident right now.  There’s white floral, of course; how could there not be with so many flowers used?  Although, I am wearing the eau de parfum rather than the parfum naturel, so I’m not getting the full blast of Grasse Jasmine and Bulgarian Rose.  Nevertheless, the overall effect is quite pleasant – not too musky or feline (I find civet sometimes to be too much of a good thing), and not overwhelmingly, in-your-face floral.

On my skin, Joy is jasmine and iris/powder (could be the iris root?), with a little hint of sandalwood.  I dabbed it in all the right places and am not overwhelmed by it – it’s remained a skin scent since I put it on.  I think it’s something everyone should try, although at approximately $130 for the eau de toilette spray, definitely sample before purchase.

Joy by Jean Patou


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