30 Days of Scent Returns! Day Twenty-Nine – Harlot by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Harlot perfumed oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL).  It’s an imp (decant/sample) I purchased from BPAL, along with four other imps.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Harlot as cinnamon, warm spicy, rose, floral, and balsamic.  I’m going to skip their description of this scent and go right for the one on BPAL’s site: “Based on a Romany incense blend reputed to induce sexual dreams: Somalian rose, Moroccan rose and Bulgar rose with a sultry dribble of cinnamon.”  I don’t know how I feel about BPAL including “Romany incense blend” in the description, but I give them points for not using the typical slur that so many do when mentioning the Romany/Rom/Rrom.

Harlot, like the other four BPAL scents I’ve tried, is from the Ars Amatoria collection, and is meant to evoke love and lust in heady surroundings…and it does just that by combining the oils of three roses with cinnamon.  This is not your (grand-)mother’s rose perfume, nor is it a rose explosion as so many other oil blends can be – the cinnamon cuts straight through the heart and prevents Harlot from becoming cloying.  Ironically, it’s this very thing that seems to cause the mixed reviews of this fragrance; those who dislike Harlot point directly at cinnamon as the culprit.

On my skin, Harlot is sultry and heady with a bite.  It makes me think of the glorious moment after you’ve finally seduced someone into your arms and are about to kiss them for the first time – ripe, luscious, and full of that new relationship energy (NRE) that is so addictive.  I will definitely wear Harlot again, perhaps while hunting.

Harlot by BPAL


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