30 Days of Scent – Day Three – L’Eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptyque   1 comment

Today, I am wearing L’Eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptyque.  It’s a decant that someone sent me back when I first started the 30 Days of Scent series, and until I put it on again today I was surprised that it was waiting in my “To Be Reviewed” case.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of L’Eau du Trente-Quatre as citrus, aromatic, fresh spicy, woody, herbal, and warm spicy.  Aside from the name of this scent being spelt completely incorrectly (they call it Eau de 34, which made it difficult for me to find), the overview on the site is not bad at all: “…The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Pescheux. Top notes are bitter orange, lemon, verbena, grapefruit, lavender, juniper berries, nutmeg, cinammon (sic) and birch leaf; middle notes are geranium and tuberose; base notes are cedar, patchouli, incense, labdanum, and moss.

(And…there’s a spelling error in the overview as well.  I’m not sure what the etiquette is about letting someone know that there are errors in the review they wrote…so I think I’ll not mention it anywhere but here until someone tells me it is appropriate.)

L’Eau du Trente-Quatre is part of Diptyque’s 34 Collection and it is not my glass of champagne, largely because of the base notes.  The top and middle notes are not enough to make up for the fact that some of the base notes go weird on me in certain combinations.  For instance, cedar works some of the time, but not with most resinous materials.  Patchouli is usually awful on me, but I did find a scent at some point where it didn’t go all wonky.  Moss is usually not a problem, but it apparently is in L’Eau du Trente-Quatre.  Fragrances like this one make me want to experiment with mixing things together to see what happens…as long as they aren’t on my own skin.

I think I’m going to see if anyone wants to take this decant off my hands.  I’m sure it could be lovely on someone else, but it is just going to get tossed if it stays here.

L’Eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptyque

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