30 Days of Scent – Day Four – Parfume d’Extase by Marchesa   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Parfume d’Extase by Marchesa.  It’s a rollerball I bought from Sephora, back when the scent first came out, and I was drawn to it while watching Project Runway All-Stars.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of  Parfume d’Extase as floral, powdery, woody, ozonic, and musky.  Their overview indicates that “…The idea to launch the fragrance originates from Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, cofounders of the fashion house, who wanted this fragrance to evoke an emotion, just like their eveningwear. Creator of the fragrance is Annie Buzantian of Firmenich. It opens with iris, freesia and violet leaves, heart beats in rhythm of night-blooming jasmine while the composition closes with iris root, ambrox and musk.

I find it interesting that Marchesa decided it needed a fragrance to go with its impeccable clothing line; if they absolutely needed one, Parfume d’Extase fits the bill.  In fact, when I went onto Net-a-Porter earlier to browse, I was struck by how one of the dresses they have would be a beautiful symbol for this scent:

Now, I’m not in the market for a $6,000 dress, but I’m certainly in the market for something that makes me feel like I could be in the market for a $6,000 dress, and Parfume d’Extase does exactly that.  It is sophisticated without trying to ape an established or more classic scent.  It is seductive without being too over the top.  It is iris and powder and greenery with just a hint of something earthier without overwhelming me with all the musk that so many fragrances seem to think is required.  In fact, I get very little musk at all…just a hint, enough to bolster the iris without covering it completely.

Parfume d’Extase is not a delicate fragrance, a fact that I forgot when I put it on this morning because it seems to go on so lightly.  About five minutes after rolling it on my pulse points (and on the back of my neck, and along my sternum), I was engulfed in scent, and I am sure I am leaving a lovely cloud of it behind me wherever I go today.  I must remember, next time, to apply with care rather than rolling it over me with reckless abandon.

Like most scents, Parfume d’Extase will not be for everyone.  I encourage you, though, to give it a try, especially if you’re as fascinated by fashion and design as I am – you might just find your $6,000 dress in a $13 rollerball.


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