30 Days of Scent – Day Eleven – Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake by DS & Durga   Leave a comment

On Tuesday, I wore Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake by DS & Durga.  It’s a decant I bought from The Perfumed Court in my endless quest for aquatic scents.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake as woody, aquatic, fresh, earthy, and herbal.  Their description of this scent was definitely copied from the manufacturer’s website:

“Up pale grey mountain, through silver fog, bracken, bramble, dry heather shrub, past gravestone pile from forgotten time, facing west in whipping wind, the small black lake keeps witch’s ring, where the doomed king looked out to sea, Fenian blood in turf, the chilling quiet, the cry of hounds.

fog-on-stone, water pepper, lichen
heather shrub, beechwood, bramble
flower, marsh violet
coastal air, chilled water, purslane

Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake was launched in 2013.”

A little over the top in my opinion, but I get what they’re trying to evoke.  And, honestly, Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake (mostly) lives up to it.

I’d not heard of DS & Durga before trying this scent, and so I checked out the About section on their site.  It appears that DS is the parfumeur and Durga is the designer, and together they wanted to create small-batch, niche scents from “premium sourced raw materials.”  There’s some information on what inspired them to start the brand, along with some flowery language about “distilling designs into the architecture of fragrances” and writing “songs in scent”…but it doesn’t drive me away.  Then again, it was the fragrance that drew me there in the first place.

Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake is not huge right out of the gate – but I wouldn’t expect anything different from an eau de parfum with “fog-on-stone” as a top note.  The water pepper and lichen are apparent but ethereal – it takes a good hour for this scent to settle on me and decide where it wants to go.  That’s not to say it is different every time I wear it, but the potential feels like it is there for Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake to bend itself not only to the skin chemistry of the person wearing it, but also to the environment.  On Tuesday, it was unseasonably warm in these parts for December, and I swear that I could almost feel this fragrance figuring out what would best suit the circumstances.

The accords Fragrantica attributes to Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake are accurate, at least on me, but I really think this is a scent that is better experienced than reviewed…despite how wordy I appear to have gotten in this post.  If you want to try it out, I suggest you check out DS & Durga’s retailers page and find somewhere near you that carries their line…or else check out The Perfumed Court.


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