30 Days of Scent – Day Fourteen – Midnight Fleur by Nest   2 comments

Last Friday, I wore Midnight Fleur by Nest.  It’s a sample I was sent by the manufacturer when I wrote to them asking where I could find their fragrances.

(Incidentally, I highly recommend writing to manufacturers when you want to try something out but don’t know where to find it.  They’ll usually respond by sending you a sample – this is how I got my Nest samples, and also how I got two samples from Hermès.)

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Midnight Fleur as amber, floral, patchouli, woody, and animalic.  Their description of this scent is short, but to the point: “…The nose behind this fragrance is Jerome Epinette. Top note is jasmine; middle notes are vanilla orchid and exotic woods; base notes are patchouli and black amber.”  Epinette has put together a number of perfumes, most of which I’ve not tried, but I may just have to remedy that fact.

Midnight Fleur actually reminds me of an Yves Rocher scent I had as a teenager called Ispahan, but Ispahan’s accords are described very differently on Fragrantica: yellow floral, sweet, fresh spicy, floral, vanilla, and powdery.  The only thing the descriptions have in common is “floral”, and yet I swear that I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart if I didn’t know which was which.  Or, at least, this is what I remember – it could be that they’re actually not that similar.  Memory, even olfactory, is a funny thing.

I thought I wouldn’t like Midnight Fleur when I first read about it, because it is meant to be solidly in the land of patchouli and I’ve gone on and on about my feelings on that subject.  On me, though, I get some amber and vanilla, a little bit of jasmine (but not enough to put it in the white floral category), and some notes of wood but no patchouli at all.  I can’t quite figure out if the creator of Midnight Fleur intended that to happen, or if it is just a skin chemistry thing  but whatever it is, I intend to keep wearing Midnight Fleur until my sample is gone.  I think it’s an occasion fragrance for me, or perhaps a mood enhancer – it won’t be a regular like some of Nest’s other scents, but it will always have a place in my collection.


2 responses to “30 Days of Scent – Day Fourteen – Midnight Fleur by Nest

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  1. Is it long-lasting?

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