30 Days of Scent – Day Fifteen – Menthe Fraîche by James Heeley   Leave a comment

On Monday, I wore Menthe Fraîche by James Heeley.  It was part of the Heeley decant set I bought from The Perfumed Court.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Menthe Fraîche as green, aromatic, fresh spicy, citrus, woody, and ozonic.  Their description of this scent is short and to the point: “Universal and modern, natural and ultra fresh unisex fragrance.  Top notes are mint leaf and Sicilian bergamot. The heart contains lotus and mate, and the base is formed of white cedar.”  I won’t copy over the manufacturer’s description, but I find it just slightly more useful despite using what looks like twice as many words.

I have wanted a mint perfume since I read Almost French and Christian Lacroix’s description, to the author, of growing up in southern France.  He talks about the feel of the region, the colors, and mentions that his grandmother wore mint perfume…and I never even knew such a thing existed.  What must it be like, I wondered, and decided at that point that I would one day own such a thing.  It took me another couple of years, though, before I discovered that Heeley’s collection included Menthe Fraîche and that I could acquire a decant to try it out.

Menthe Fraîche is everything I love about mint without being “curiously strong” – despite the claim of peppermint this is not your partner’s Altoid tin;  I get more spearmint than anything.  There is a light citrus component from the bergamot that makes me wonder what would happen if it were replaced with a citrus mint – lemon mint, perhaps, or orange mint.  That’s not to say the bergamot doesn’t fit, though.  I get more freesia than lotus, which gives Menthe Fraîche an airiness I’d like to wear more often.

Of course, every time I enjoy a Heeley scent I mourn the price point – it falls into that “probably better as a gift but who will buy it for me” category, and I probably won’t be owning a full-size bottle any time soon.


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