30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty – Waterlily Sun by Aerin Lauder   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Waterlily Sun by Aerin Lauder.  It’s a rollerball that my mother gave me for Christmas, and it came from Estée Lauder.com.

Fragrantica.com lists the main accords of Waterlily Sun as musky, aquatic, citrus, green, and white floral.  Their description of this scent says that the “…Top notes are bergamot and green notes; middle notes are water lily and jasmine; base note is musk.”  The description from the manufacturer says basically the same thing in language that better aligns with the idea of the “Aerin lifestyle brand”.  And, honestly, the descriptions put me right off buying Waterlily Sun for myself despite wanting to try it out – anything that prominently features musk, or mentions being “musky” puts me on edge and readies me for disappointment.

Except…I’m not disappointed with Waterlily Sun.  A roll over each wrist and one across the nape of my neck this morning led to my being enveloped me in greenery, citrus, and white florals.  I know that there is musk in this scent, and I can feel it thee, but as a bolster rather than an identifiable element; six-and-a-half hours after I put it on, it is still as lovely as it was in the first few minutes, and it hasn’t lightened up at all.  In fact, I think that this may be a “neck-wear only” scent if I don’t want to overpower my own olfactory system; it’s not quite there now, but I’ve got that tickle in my nostrils that says it could go overboard if I’m not careful.

Aside from my traditional “try before you buy”, there’s one recommendation I’d make to anyone wanting to try Waterlily Sun: don’t go in thinking of it as an Estée Lauder fragrance.  I’ve seen multiple reviews online that complain about it not fitting into the range of fragrances people are used to, and that it isn’t “Estée Lauder” enough.  Well, the truth is that, despite where it is sold, Waterlily Sun is not an Estée Lauder fragrance.  There’s a reason the classic logo isn’t on the bottle, or in the name – this scent is an Aerin Lauder scent, and while comparisons to her grandmother are inevitable, we might do better to assess her fragrance collection on its own merits.



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