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I’m a Mass Effect fan, and ever since playing ME3 I’ve focused a bit on what the characters did between the end of ME2 and the start of ME3.  I mean, we know what some of them did – Garrus went back to Palaven; Liara worked as the Shadow Broker and ended up in the Mars Archives; Tali rejoined the quarian fleet.  But, in all this, aside from one brief message on Shepard’s private terminal and a couple of unread messages that turn up later on one of Liara’s terminals, we don’t really know what happened during this period to one of my favorite characters: Morinth.

After obsessing over it, and writing several scenarios in my head, I decided to try and get it down “on paper” and see where it went.  So far, I’m up to over 6,000 words in 600 (+/-) chunks.  I don’t know where it will go, but I thought it might be time to share a piece of it to see if anyone else is interested.

Below is the first 600 word chunk I wrote; it’s what really spurred me to keep going.  Take a look and, if you like what you see and want to find out what happens next, please let me know by either “Liking” this post or leaving a comment.  If you don’t, I’d be interested to hear why you don’t – feel free to leave those comments too.

*A warning: I’ve tried my best not to step outside canon so far, but I can’t promise where it will go.  I never really bought what they did to Morinth in ME3.*


The Hopefulness of Stars


Asari were not as rare on Earth as, say, krogan, but she could taste their curiosity on the air as she strode the concourse that led away from the docking bay.  She knew it would not be safe for her to linger, but this planet felt like a feast in the making – the scent of frustration and longing for release was thick, and her pupils dilated even as her lips curled into something like a smile.

She focused her gaze away from the people she passed, careful to keep up the persona of the justicar even this far outside asari space.  The armor helped; even as it restricted her natural movements, it molded her into something that appeared to travel with the purpose of a higher calling.  At this point, any impossible-enough-sounding cause would do since humans rarely saw beneath the surface if the facade was smooth enough.  In fact, it was her experience that all people, regardless of species, preferred to believe their first impressions and that suited her needs quite well.

And yet, as she made her measured escape, she felt drawn back the way she’d come as strongly as if she’d been tethered.  Drawn back to the comfort of the observation room with its endless view of stars, and lack of prying eyes; drawn back to having a purpose beyond survival; drawn back to the sounds of people talking, and laughing, and loving right outside the door.  Drawn back to Shepard…she shook her head to dispel those thoughts.  Later she’d have time to ponder the pull of Shepard, but right now she needed to focus on getting off planet as quickly as possible.  One thing she wasn’t willing to leave behind with the Normandy, and Shepard, was the knowledge that the Reapers were coming and that Earth was, most likely, a target.

Concourses converged into a central seating area in front of her, and screens flashed with arrival and departure information for various ships and destinations.  She paused to allow a family group, complete with infant-in-arms, to walk in front of her, and then made her way to the closest screen with an individual interface.  Entering the sequence for privacy, then the code of one of her alter-egos, she requested information to help her leave Earth as quickly as possible.  Dozens of routes begin to fill the screen, and as she took them in her heart sank; most of the routes listed included a stop at the Citadel, or on one of the Council home-worlds, and neither was a good option for her.

She’d deliberately avoided the Citadel for hundreds of years, even while traveling with Shepard – to hunt there was risky, as what she was, if not who, would almost certainly be discovered the first time she struck.  Thessia was an issue for the same reason, along with the added problem of asari being all too familiar with her condition.  She couldn’t count on Palaven being safe either – asari-turian bonds were common – and she didn’t much care for the militaristic bent of turians in any amount larger than an individual.  Sur’Kesh could be used as a temporary measure, but the thought of being surrounded by groups of salarians in what she liked to call “full flight” was not appealing.  Besides, as a Council home-world they were as likely to be a Reaper target as the others.  And so, as she knew she’d have to, she requested routes that went directly from Earth into the Traverse.  One route appeared on the screen before her.

Six hours later, she found herself occupying a cabin on a ship headed to Eden Prime.


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