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Kitten!   1 comment

For lack of other content, I present Trillian, erstwhile Navigator for the Heart of Gold, sometimes companion of Zaphod Beeblebrox, bitiest of all bitey things.


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Boundary Basics: What do you Need to Feel Safe?   Leave a comment

Boundaries and consent: two things that make me super happy.


boundariesEveryone needs something to feel safe.  Whether or not you’re aware of that that things is depends a lot on the experience you’ve had in the past, especially if there have been times in your life that you sense of safety (or actual safety) have been compromised.

Part of navigating the kinkoverse, it’s spaces, it’s people – and also the relationships/interactions we have with its inhabitants means figuring out our thresholds of safety and security.  What do we need to know about a person, space or activity to feel comfortable being in that space, or sharing an activity with that person.

Which can be more challenging than it sounds, especially when  you’re new to a experience – it’s pretty hard to plan for the unexpected.  Think of it like trying to get a container for an unknown quality of an unknown substance – how do you plan for that?  How would…

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#643: The stinking pile of wordpoop that is “I’m not going to choose a side.”   Leave a comment

Seriously, people!

Captain Awkward

Evil bees and bad friends behind the cut.

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Why I’m going to continue drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and you should too (if you want to)   Leave a comment


Amoeba Kat Musings

Recently a graphic made the rounds on social media. It was from this chick who calls herself the “Food Babe” and it was full of paranoia, propaganda, lies, and bullshit — with a huge, HEAPING dose of food shaming. (I am not sharing the image on this post, because it’s food-shaming and gross and could trigger either eating disorders or an explosion of rage, and I really don’t want to give any of y’all aneurysms.)

You can easily see this image is a crock of crap if you go to Snopes (warning, they do share it). Honestly, I think the world would really improve if peoples’ browsers forced them to visit the relevant Snopes page before they can share any of those fraudulent pieces of BS to their FB pages.

Anyway. “Food Babe” has several problems with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Starbucks as a company, it seems. She actually appears…

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Guest Post: Breaking The Low Mood Cycle   Leave a comment

A fantastic post from the crew at Captain Awkward.

Captain Awkward

Image: a cheerful orange blob monster is chatting to a friend using a speech bubble containing a question mark and exclamation mark. The friend is a grumpy grey blob monster who looks away expressing grumpiness. Its speech bubble contains a grey scribble.

Hello friends! It’s Elodie Under Glass here with a guest post on Low Moods.

I particularly want to thank Quisty, Kellis Amberlee and TheOtherAlice  for their kindly help in reading and editing this piece. It would not have existed without their care, support, compassion, and wonderful editorial abilities. They are truly remarkable humans! (edited: And thanks to the radiant and patient NessieMonster, who let me come to her city and follow her around, burbling insensibly about this post, for far longer than most people would have.)

So recently, I went on a Stress and Mood Management course, and I thought that you all might enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.

This post is something of a correction/update to Adulthood is a Scary Horse, a post for the Captain which I was never quite satisfied with. It really crystallized for me on this course, in our…

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TED talk – The birds and the bees are just the beginning   Leave a comment

I found this TED talk so interesting that I wanted to share it:

I love it, in that “let’s talk about sex!” way.  Enjoy!

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TCBP – Self-Love   Leave a comment

Reblogging this on Eating Monsters because it also ties in with my mental health nonsense.

Fluid Morality

Love is an infinite thing.  It cannot be used up, like a cup of sugar, and if you nourish it, it multiplies like a rabbit family.  A soft, cuddly rabbit family, with floppy ears and adorable feet…

Okay, let’s try this again without the rabbits, shall we?

When it comes to love, I find it much easier to think about in abstract than specifics.  Even though I believe it is endless and exists in myriad varieties, the truth is that I am not really with being on the receiving end of it.  I know I am loved by various people, because they tell me, and I know I love several people in different ways but, in truth, emotional entanglement is a minefield I prefer to try to avoid.  I’ve broken off relationships numerous times when my partner declared they loved me because I didn’t want that sort of emotional entanglement…

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