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30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Three – Wild Madagascar Vanilla by Bath & Body Works   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Wild Madagascar Vanilla “fine fragrance mist” by Bath & Body Works.  It, along with a matching sugar scrub (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore?), and a semi-matching bubble bath (Warm Vanilla Sugar), was a Christmas gift from my son. lists the main accords of Wild Madagascar Vanilla as vanilla, fruity, white floral, sweet, and powdery.  Their description notes “…Top notes of Wild Madagascar Vanilla blend with zests of African pear, sparkling fruit zest of clementine and juicy ruby red apple. The heart introduces a blend of wild jasmine, wild gardenia, heliotrope petals and golden plumeria (frangipani), while the base is composed of Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood and creamy musk. Wild Madagascar Vanilla was launched in 2014.

I’m leery of vanilla scents because they tend to take a turn for the weird on me, so I was worried that I’d end up not wearing Wild Madagascar Vanilla more than once.  Since I was a gift, I dutifully went upstairs on Christmas Day and used the scrub in the shower, and then sprayed myself down with the fragrance mist, figuring that if I only wore it once, I would wear it when my son was home to notice.  I was prepared to blow out my sinuses, and I was prepared to smell like an overdose of sugar-free vanilla syrup…and neither of these things happened.  What happened was something I couldn’t have foreseen: I enjoyed it.

That’s right, world: I wore a vanilla fragrance and it worked for me.  I couldn’t have been more surprised if swine everywhere had taken to the air and started buzzing my house.

There is, unsurprisingly, a lot of vanilla in Wild Madagascar Vanilla, but there’s something about how it was blended with other elements that keeps it from going badly on my skin.  The vanilla in the top notes is noticeable at first spray, but then turns into fresh apple, and after about an hour the heart comes out – plumeria and heliotrope on me (I don’t get any jasmine or gardenia).  The base notes, white sandalwood, musk, and more vanilla, don’t show up until a good six hours have gone by, and by then Wild Madagascar Vanilla is a skin-scent only and still gorgeous.  In fact, most of the compliments I’ve gotten about this scent have been toward the end of the day when I’ve been in (very) close proximity to another human being.

Then again, the people in my life seem to really enjoy vanilla and me, so I have no idea if there’s anything there or not. *wink*

I typically don’t recommend vanilla-based scents to others because I typically find them to be awful…but Wild Madagascar Vanilla isn’t awful.  So, you can find it at Bath & Body Works (either online or in one of their stores) in an 8oz spray for around $14…unless it is during one of their many many sales.  As always, though, I’d recommend trying before buying.


30 Days of Scent – Day Eleven – Amber Blush by Bath & Body Works   Leave a comment

Today, I wore Amber Blush eau de toilette by Bath & Body Works.  It’s a 7mL spray bottle gifted to me by a friend.

(Yes, I chose a B&BW scent for today.  I did it for two reasons, really.  First, I taught swimming lessons all morning and was exhausted when I got home and that was when I scented myself.  Second, for some reason Amber Blush felt appropriate with the weather of the day, which was warm but not humid.) lists the main accords as sweet, fruity, amber, powdery, citrus, and vanilla.  It’s description reads:

“Amber Blush by Bath and Body Works is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Amber Blush was launched in 2013. Top notes are bergamot, mandarin orange, raspberry and champagne; middle notes are jasmine, gardenia, star anise, apricot and magnolia; base notes are vanilla, suede, crystal amber, sandalwood and musk.”

For anyone who thinks that a B&BW scent cannot be complex, the description above should change your mind – Amber Blush is all of the things listed.  It’s fruit without being overripe, champagne bubbles, and crystal amber.  It leaves a lovely vanilla-esque after-scent (is there such a thing as after-scent?  It probably has a real term that I don’t know.) and while it isn’t overpowering, it does have staying power.

I’ve not really made up my mind whether I love this scent or hate it – there’s an emotion it evokes, but I can”t quite pin it down.  On my skin, the citrus is downplayed and the raspberry notes really come forward, along with the amber (expected, with the name) and the sandalwood.  I think it is the sandalwood that surprises me about it and sandalwood mixed with raspberry actually works well…but I feel like it shouldn’t.  It perplexes me, which is why I keep wearing it and trying to make up my mind, I think.