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30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Two – Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I wore Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder.  It’s a full bottle I was given for Christmas a few years back – in fact, for a year or two I considered it to be one of my signature scents.  The person who gave it to me got it from a department store, most likely at the Estée Lauder counter. lists the main accords of Beyond Paradise as white floral, floral, citrus, fresh spicy, and green.  Their description of this scent says that it “…opens with Eden mist which gives a long lasting tropical wet effect, rare flowers (orange blossom and blue hyacinth) and fruits (Jaboticaba berry). The floral heart is a burst of exotic flowers: laelia orchid, pink honeysuckle, Japanese mahonia. The base is no less exotic, consists of Natal plum blossom, golden melaleuca, zebrano wood, ambrette seed…

The scent was created by Calice Becker in 2003, and followed up in 2004 with Beyond Paradise for Men (which I’ve not tried).  There are a few other scents in the Beyond Paradise series, none of which I’ve worn: Beyond Paradise Summer Waters for Her (2005), Beyond Paradise Blue (2006), and Beyond Paradise Summer Fun (2007).  “Summer Fun” was a limited edition, and meant to be a lighter version of the original; Estée Lauder issued lighter versions of Beautiful and Pleasures along with it.

I was actually surprised that I hadn’t reviewed Beyond Paradise before, given that I wear it quite often and I have a serious thing for Estée Lauder fragrances.  And, even given my unholy obsession with Dazzling Silver and my proclamations that it is my all-time favorite, Beyond Paradise has managed to seduce me into giving it equal wear time…and the two couldn’t be more different, in my opinion.

On me, Beyond Paradise is honeysuckle, hyacinth, and orchid, with a hint of something plum-like.  When I wear it, I’m careful to use only one spray on the back of my neck; this is a HUGE floral scent that isn’t cut with any fresh elements, or greenery (despite Fragrantica’s profile on it) and it can easily overwhelm the wearer.  In fact, I can’t imagine trying to layer it with scented lotion or any of the other “kit items” that fragrance manufacturer’s try so often to market with a perfume – that one spray on my neck that I mentioned?  It’s enough scent to linger on my clothing until laundry day.  Seriously: if you try this scent, and I think you should, use it sparingly or you’ll likely end up hating it – too much Beyond Paradise is not a good thing, in my opinion.

Estée Lauder continues to make Beyond Paradise, and in its original formulation, although the bottle shape has changed.  The new bottle is a little more ordinary than I think a scent like this deserves, and I prefer the classic bottle that I own.  A 1.7 oz eau de parfum spray can be found in the “The House of Estée Lauder” section at Estée, and will run you $65.


30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty – Waterlily Sun by Aerin Lauder   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Waterlily Sun by Aerin Lauder.  It’s a rollerball that my mother gave me for Christmas, and it came from Estée lists the main accords of Waterlily Sun as musky, aquatic, citrus, green, and white floral.  Their description of this scent says that the “…Top notes are bergamot and green notes; middle notes are water lily and jasmine; base note is musk.”  The description from the manufacturer says basically the same thing in language that better aligns with the idea of the “Aerin lifestyle brand”.  And, honestly, the descriptions put me right off buying Waterlily Sun for myself despite wanting to try it out – anything that prominently features musk, or mentions being “musky” puts me on edge and readies me for disappointment.

Except…I’m not disappointed with Waterlily Sun.  A roll over each wrist and one across the nape of my neck this morning led to my being enveloped me in greenery, citrus, and white florals.  I know that there is musk in this scent, and I can feel it thee, but as a bolster rather than an identifiable element; six-and-a-half hours after I put it on, it is still as lovely as it was in the first few minutes, and it hasn’t lightened up at all.  In fact, I think that this may be a “neck-wear only” scent if I don’t want to overpower my own olfactory system; it’s not quite there now, but I’ve got that tickle in my nostrils that says it could go overboard if I’m not careful.

Aside from my traditional “try before you buy”, there’s one recommendation I’d make to anyone wanting to try Waterlily Sun: don’t go in thinking of it as an Estée Lauder fragrance.  I’ve seen multiple reviews online that complain about it not fitting into the range of fragrances people are used to, and that it isn’t “Estée Lauder” enough.  Well, the truth is that, despite where it is sold, Waterlily Sun is not an Estée Lauder fragrance.  There’s a reason the classic logo isn’t on the bottle, or in the name – this scent is an Aerin Lauder scent, and while comparisons to her grandmother are inevitable, we might do better to assess her fragrance collection on its own merits.


30 Days of Scent – Day Thirteen – Lilac Path by Aerin Lauder   Leave a comment

Last Thursday, I wore Lilac Path by Aerin Lauder.  I bought the rollerball from Estée where it is part of the Aerin Lauder lifestyle brand. lists the main accords of Lilac Path as white floral, musky, green, amber, and powdery.  Their description of this scent says that the “…Inspiration behind Lilac Path is the lilac bush which blooms at her late grandmother Estée Lauder’s summer cottage. The perfume blooms with galbanum, creamy jasmine lactones, angelica seed oil and orange flower. The carton is decorated with design, “Marila,” which combines two unique designs to create a signature batik…

As much as I am a fan of Estée Lauder, I admit I was hesitant about trying anything from the Aerin brand – “lifestyle” brands just don’t sit well with me.  I don’t know any person who is all of one thing, no matter how often they go to Crate & Barrel, and the idea of a “lifestyle” brand just smacks of “put the person in the box and make them stay there”.  Of course, if you’ve read any of my non-scent blog posts, you know that my brain already defaults to putting people in boxes based on my relationship to them while also railing against the idea that anyone would try to put ME in a box.

What can I say?  I’m an enigma.

Anyway, it turns out that Lilac Path is a gorgeous scent and completely not in a box unless that box is labeled Fragrances I Will Wear Over and Over Again.  Like so many of the scents in the Estée Lauder fragrance line, Lilac Path is a gorgeous white floral scent with other delicious notes buoying it up.  There’s something about the way that the lilac mixes with the jasmine and the orange flower that makes it heady but not cloying – it reminds me of walking among the blooming lilacs at the Jardin Botanique in Montréal, and you all know how much I love a good olfactory memory.  Also: if there’s musk in this scent I cannot sense it, and that’s a good thing since musk tends to take a note from patchouli and try to overpower me whenever I wear it.

I’d recommend Lilac Path for anyone who’s ever wished that they could rub themselves with lilac flowers and come away smelling as gorgeous as a late-spring evening.

30 Days of Scent – Day Seven – Bronze Goddess eau Fraiche by Estée Lauder   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I wore Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche by Estée Lauder.  It’s a rollerball I bought on Estée

([shill on]Incidentally, I am a huge fan of Estée Lauder products – I have almost all of their fragrances in my collection, and every year I am given the cosmetics collection I call the “paintbox”.  If you are as big a fan as I am, you’ll want to join their E-List Loyalty program.[/shill off]) describes the main accords of Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche as citrus, white floral, sweet, coconut, and vanilla.  Their description of this fragrance says “…The fragrance opens with zesty citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, lemon and orange. The heart includes tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom. The base consists of warm notes of amber, coconut milk, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and myrrh.”

I have to admit, I kept trying to acquire Bronze Goddess in one form or another, but it was almost always unavailable due to the season – Estée Lauder markets it as a seasonal fragrance, introducing a new version of it almost every year, and not only could I not find it, but those who like to gift me with things couldn’t find it either as both my birthday and the traditional December gift-giving time are “off season”.  I (finally) managed to snag a rollerball of the Eau Fraiche from Estée Lauder’s website while purchasing cleanser, and I was not disappointed.

First of all, Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche has enough coconut in it to remind me of the Monoï oil my mother used to buy from Yves Rocher to put in her bath when I was a teenager…and that I used to borrow (read: steal) every chance I got.  They don’t actually make that exact product any more (although there are a ton of Monoï products on Yves Rocher’s site), but Bronze Goddess triggers that olfactory memory for me.  Despite the obvious coconut, though, it is not overly tropical, nor does it give off that sunscreen vibe that other tropical-inspired scents do.  The citrus in the forefront, and the myrrh and sandalwood in the base temper the heart just enough to make it a lovely complex blend that doesn’t come across as complicated.

On my skin, I get coconut and bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood, and enough myrrh to shore the fragrance up.  It’s remarkably long-lasting as well – I put it on around 6:00 AM and I was still enveloped (albeit delicately) when I came home around 5:00 PM.  It’s a pick-me-up scent and, with the memories it evokes, definitely a keeper.

30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-Three – Modern Muse by Estée Lauder   2 comments

Today, I am wearing Modern Muse eau de parfum spray by Estée Lauder.  I was given a full-size bottle by my friend, who sent it to me as a pick-me-up while I was out of work.  I also own the body lotion, although I’m not a huge scented lotion fan (or user) – it was a Christmas gift from my parents. lists the main accords as white floral, animalic, floral, musky, and tuberose.  Their description goes a bit into Modern Muse being the first major perfume launch (2013) at Estée Lauder since Beyond Paradise (2003), and then notes:

“…Perfumer Harry Fremont tried to express the duality of the composition by creating a two accord composition of sparkling jasmine (which symbolizes femininity) and sleek woods (representing strength). The first accord, accord of jasmine, blends exotic notes of mandarin, tuberose, fresh lily, honeysuckle, dewy petals, Sambac jasmine and Chinese Sambac jasmine absolute. The sleek woods accord combines two types of patchouli, Madagascar vanilla, amber wood and soft musk…”

Harry Fremont (the nose behind Modern Muse) has done a number of other scents – several are on my “try” list, but I’ve not actually worn any of them.  I’d be interested to hear about some of his others simply because Modern Muse is, in my opinion, such a lovely blend of elements.

We’ve pretty much established over these twenty-three days that I love my white florals, and that they work really well on me.  (I’m actually amazed at how many I own.)  Modern Muse has everything I love in a white floral – jasmine, honeysuckle, and lilies – but, oddly enough, no hint of green.  The tuberose comes through nicely, as does a seductive note that I’m thinking is the combination of vanilla, amber, and musk.  I don’t usually like musky scents on my skin (although, I love them out of the bottle), but Modern Muse doesn’t overdo it – the musk enhances the white florals and takes the sharpness off them.

On me, Modern Muse is jasmine and honeysuckle with tuberose holding them together, a soft amber, and vanilla and musk.  It’s not a feral scent like Alien (which is very animalic on me), but there is a seductiveness to it.  Rather than actively stalking prey, I’m sitting under a tree waiting for it to come to me.

30 Days of Scent – Day Nineteen – Pleasures Eau Fraîche by Estée Lauder   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Pleasures Eau Fraîche eau de parfum spray by Estée Lauder.  I own a full bottle of this scent, given to me as a Christmas gift. lists the main accords for Pleasures Eau Fraîche as floral, white floral, fresh, soft spicy, and rose.  The description on Fragrantica’s site says:

“…Modern composition accentuates delicate floral notes while adding sophisticated, elegant and leisure note to the scent.

“Estée Lauder Pleasures Eau Fraîche will be the perfect fragrant companion for hot summer days.

Intertwining floral notes will please all sense with characteristic cold and elegant charm of lily, softened with gentle, romantic peony notes. Jasmine also provides elegant trail along with a discrete does of challenge along with flirtatious pink pepper, tingling the imagination discretely…”

This is, actually, a really good scent when it is oppressively hot outside.  It cuts through what I like to call the “dog’s mouth of summer” (read: hot with 80% humidity, like we get here outside of Philadelphia in August) with spiciness and floral notes that are pretty without being “shove your FACE into this FLOWER”. strong.  It’s not a weak scent, however – the projection is such that I can usually get away with one spray to the back of my neck and everyone around me can still smell it.  I imagine two sprays would mean that you wouldn’t want to be in an elevator with me, lest Pleasures Eau Fraîche steal your soul.

I like this fragrance, despite the fine line I have to walk not to overdo it.  On me, the scent is mainly spicy and white floral, although the rose comes through a little bit at the beginning (and more as the spiciness wears off).  There’s also a green tinge here – I suspect it is the violet leaf – that really gets to me.  When I wear it, I feel like the humidity can’t touch me…and it doesn’t hurt that more moisture in the air seems to bring out more of the spiciness I like so much.

Estée Lauder, you’ve done it again.

30 Days of Scent – Day Fifteen – Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Sensuous Nude eau de parfum spray by Estée Lauder.  It’s a sample I received when a friend of mine sent me a bottle of another Estée Lauder scent. lists the main accords of Sensuous Nude as coconut, woody, vanilla, sweet, tropical, and powdery.  The description reads:

“a new version of the original perfume Sensuous from 2008. The new fragrance continues tradition of feminine and tame compositions leaving a cuddling and honey-sweet trail on woman’s skin. Composition of the new editions opens with a luminous citrusy blend of Sicilian bergamot and mandarin spiced with bitterish and insolent trace of black and pink pepper. After the spicy citrusy-bitter start, the composition develops with floral nuances composed of jasmine petals and lily of the valley, refreshed with gentle exotic aromas of coconut water and sweetened honey drops and sensual musk veil. A base leaves a warm trail combined of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, heliotrope and woody notes…”

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am an Estée Lauder woman (if you couldn’t tell from my post about Dazzling Silver.)  I use their make-up, and their skin care products.  The first perfumes I ever owned were by them, and when I was a little girl all I wanted was what I called the “Estée Lauder Paint Box” – the special make-up kit they offer around Christmastime.  I’ll admit, I’ve gone over to the dark side (Clinique) a few times (have you tried the Almost Lipstick in Black Honey???) but Estée Lauder is my main brand, and I don’t see myself changing for anyone or anything.  Even when they upset me (again, see my Dazzling Silver post), I’m still loyal.

That said, I wasn’t sure I’d like Sensuous Nude.  It’s not my standard Estée Lauder experience – I like their white florals, and their green scents, and Sensuous Nude is not that.  And yet…there’s something about the nuttiness and the wood and the teeny tiny hint of jasmine that really appeals to me.

I put it on my wrists today, and I am a coconut bobbing up and down on the water in a mangrove forest.  The vanilla notes are slightly salty, adding to the feel of being somewhere tropical. I am calm, on a placid sea, and everything is peaceful.

I definitely need to get a full bottle of this one!