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30 Days of Scent – Day Twenty-One – Ode à L’Amour by Yves Rocher   Leave a comment

Today, I am wearing Ode à L’Amour by Yves Rocher.  I’m…not sure how I got this scent, actually, as it has been discontinued, and I don’t remember picking up the adorable tiny glass bottle.  I actually don’t even remember wearing it during my “all Yves Rocher all the time” phase in the 1990s, but somehow it appeared in my perfume cabinet.

(Yes, I have a perfume cabinet.  It is dark inside, meaning no light exposure, and also in one of the rooms of my house that has a relatively constant temperature all year round.  Needless to say, the room is not my bathroom.) lists the main accords of Ode à L’Amour as fruity, woody, sweet, powdery, rose, and balsamic.  They identify this scent as an “…oriental-vanilla fragrance for women. The top notes are plum and black currant; the heart notes are plum, rock rose and ylang-ylang; the base notes are amber and sandalwood.”  There’s a better description, in my opinion, over at Ca Fleur Bon; the essay contains notes on of all of Yves Rocher’s “Odes”, and I especially like the one for Ode à L’Amour.  I also suspect that the tiny bottle I have is the EDT splash, judging by the description of the flaçon: “…The splashes are clear glass with tight fitting plastic lined glass stoppers…

It’s worth noting that I wouldn’t have chosen Ode à L’Amour for myself based on what others have written – the combination of accords doesn’t sound appealing, and calling it oriental-vanilla really puts me off since vanilla can go so horribly wrong on me.  Funnily enough, though, the items that would normally repel me aren’t present at all when I dab this scent on my skin – I get plum, and ylang-ylang, and something floral that isn’t immediately identifiable.  This might be the rock rose, but as I can’t recall ever smelling one “in the wild”, I’m not sure.  It’s a nice combination of fruit and floral, and the pepper, amber, and sandalwood that other people seem to experience just aren’t present for me.

I’m enjoying my first “taste” of Ode à L’Amour, although it’s likely that I won’t replace it once the bottle is empty.  For starters, it is discontinued, and that means hunting through auction sites and/or flea markets until I find it…and I can think of other, more classic, scents I’d rather put my energies into finding.  And, truthfully, even if it were more widely available, I can’t see Ode à L’Amour becoming one of my go-to fragrances – it’s pretty, and I like it, but it doesn’t move me like so many of my other scents do.  Then again, most of what scent is is subjective – even though  I wouldn’t don black crêpe for it, I understand why others do.