…and thanks for checking out Eating Monsters.

I’m April, and I’m the first to admit that this blog’s theme is more akin to randomness than anything else.  There are categories I usually stick to – mental health and fragrance for example – but you’ll find just about everything else here as well – random bits of fanfic, poetry, erotic, musings on polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, and emotional outbursts.  Those who know me think this particular blog is a perfect reflection of who I am…and I am simultaneously flattered and horrified by that.

I chose the name Eating Monsters as a play on the idea that people usually have monsters (a la “skeletons in the closet”) and that we are better off recognizing them and incorporating them instead of trying to shut them away.  That might mean finding ways to feed and nurture them, or fucking them with wild abandon, or it might mean swallowing them whole until we are satiated.  Whatever route is chosen, we are our monsters and they can provide much needed nourishment.

So, please: explore, read, and see if anything catches your eye…or other, more interesting bits.

Posted January 6, 2016 by veggiewolf

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